Fast Cleaning Function Kitchen Sink Cup or Glass Pressure Washer

Fast Cleaning Function Kitchen Sink Cup or Glass Pressure Washer

Sometimes you may find it annoying to clean a lot of glasses or cups. What is trouble is that cups are not totally clean by hand washing. If the cups are too tall, you need to use cleaning tools, such as long sponge brushes. After all, ,which may not clean properly in the the each corner of the cups by manual cleaning , especially after you drink coffee in the morning, you have to change a glass to drink juice, or when you invite a lot of friends to the house or hold a family gathering, cleaning the cups may be a ruining party regarding the happy hour time.In order to solve these problems, we have produced a simple high-pressure cup washer, which liberates our hands from now on. Let me introduce you to our amazing cup rinser!

The principle of this cup washer is: the use of pressure to generate water flow, the water will be sprayed to every corner of the cup wall at the moment the water flow is pressed.

The method of use is very simple: cover the cup upside down on the cup washer, and the water can be discharged with a light press, as shown in the video, a relatively tall water cup can be cleaned in just five seconds without any residue!

Scope of application: The cup washer can not only wash cups, but also bowls, bottles, tall glassed or pot-shaped tableware and cups.

Installation method: It can be installed separately or integrated with the kitchen sink.

Separate installation method:

1. Place the shell on the sink

2. Loosen the washer and nut

3. The cup rinser is equipped with a silicone ring on the shell

4. Tighten the gasket and nut in turn

5. Install the water inlet pipe

6. Ready to use after installation

The above is the introduction of the cup rinser, which will definitely become a helpful partner in your kitchen!

Post time: Jun-03-2019