The Differernces between Stainless Steel Handmade Sinks and Other Sinks

First is the thickness.

1. Usually the thickness of the handmade sinks is 1.2-1.5mm.

2. The thickness of ordinary press sink does not exceed 0.8mm thickness.

Second, the production materials, costs and processes are different.

1. Handmade sinks are all made by hand. They are mainly made by laser welding. Therefore, the requirements for raw material and equipment are relatively high. Most of them use stainless steel above 304, so the cost of handmade sinks is also higher.

2. Ordinary sinks are stamped by a die, the material is thinner, and the stretching is easier. Low-grade stainless steel such as 201 are generally used, so the cost is relatively low.

Third, the surface treatment is different.

1. The surface of the handmade sink is finely brushed satin, which can well highlight the texture of the sink and looks like luxurious and high-end.

2. The surface of the press sink is treated with pickling of pearl sand, the cost is very low, the process is simple, and it does not look so high-end.

Why choose handmade stainless steel sink?

Advantages of stainless steel hand sink:

1. Reasonable space design: The handmade sink has been modernized and has now formed a standardized installation standard in the industry. It has been reasonably arranged in space. Once the standard is formed, it is conducive to the rational development of the product.

2. Multi-function: The handmade sink has many functions. First of all, in addition to cleaning, it also has the functions of direct drinking water, disposal of kitchen waste, and maintenance of kitchen cleaning.

3. Beautiful and durable: The stainless steel handmade sinks look more high-end, easier to clean, made of best stainless steel material, and has a longer service life.


Post time: Apr-08-2022