Convenient Multi-functional Handmade Black Waterfall Outlet Kitchen Sink

New arrival: multi-functional waterfall handmade sink. This kitchen handmade sink is made of 304 stainless steel, and the thickened panel is made by hand, which is solid and durable as a whole. The design is inspired by nature, sky, rain, countryside and vegetables make the busy life simple. The difference between the new product and the previous products is that the new product has two outlets, one is the faucet water outlet, and the other is the water tank integrated waterfall spray. All are controlled by rotary switches. The waterfall water spray is uniform and soft, delicate and does not splash, which can really free your hands and quickly wash all kinds of dirt and pesticide residues hidden in the epidermis and interior of vegetables and fruits. The water outlet of the waterfall is designed with soft silica gel, and the unobstructed water will let you have no trouble. Combined with stainless steel drainage basket, it is durable and more convenient to wash fruits and vegetables. It is a good helper for washing vegetables. The sink has a double guide rail design, which can be used with drainage basket, medium basin and vegetable cutting board. Realize the free switching between water loading and draining functions, without delay, save water, time and effort. With the stretching faucet, cleaning is more convenient and comprehensive. The water tank capacity has been upgraded. After many experimental studies and adjustments, the depth and capacity of the water tank have been properly upgraded. At the bottom, there is a thickened anti condensation coating and a rubber silencing pad to bid farewell to the noisy water sound and reduce noise comfortably. Bring you the most convenient operation and the best experience.

Convenient Multi-functional Ha2
Convenient Multi-functional Ha3
Convenient Multi-functional Ha1

Post time: Jul-12-2022