Bridgeless Double Bowl Sinks for Undermount or Topmount 

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When using a double bowls kitchen sink, will you have this trouble, when you turn the faucet, the water will splash around because of the barrier between the divider bridge in the middle of the sink, which will waste water and cause mess in the kitchen. In order to solve the use problem of double bowls sink and improve the customer’s experience, we have launched this slim bridge handmade sink, which realizes the function of double bowls and bring te better user experience. The advantage of this kind of sink as below:

1. No water flash splashing when moving the running tap from bowl to bowl. 

2. Compared with the clumsy 25mm bridge standarized double bowl,  our NEW design with Slim Bridge , just called it bridgeless because of its ultra-thin bridge between the two bowls, creates an impressive elegant style to enlighten your countertop, the expression of aesthetic atomosphere and practical application 

3. Exquit Handcrafted R10 radius with easy cleaning 

4. deep drawn ”X” groove lines allows perfect water drain to the waste hole of the bowl.

5. Thickness 1.2mm high quality 304 stainless steel mateials in brushed satin finish 

6. Large capacity for double bowl,  one and a half bowl, one and 3/4 bowl perfectly matching your kitchen design. 

7. Sound deadening pad can reduce noise with running water. 

8. Fit for topmount, undermount or flush mount installation with various accessories available like chopping board, colander, roller matt.

Post time: Apr-08-2022